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Joseph John Barney began his career at age 19 as an illustrator at Continuity Associates in New York, the commercial art studio commandeered by comics legend Neal Adams. He also worked on Madison Avenue, turning out hundreds of storyboards and 'animatics' for TV commercials. He free-lanced as a comic book penciller as well, working on such famous Marvel Comics characters as The Hulk,Thor, War Machine, Silver Surfer, and Fantastic Four.

...In the nineties Joe moved west to work in the burgeoning multimedia arena. Among his most recent projects: character design for Broderbund software's Carmen Sandeigo nemesis Chase Devineaux; animation artwork for the CD-ROM games Mysterious Island and Marty the Mouse for Elliot-Portwood Productions; a web adventure comic series for Eplay, an educational children's web site; production paintings and storyboards for the CGI 'cinematics' ofCrystal Dynamic's Akuji the Heartless Playstation game; and a 'film noir' comic book for the I.T. consulting firm Xpedior

....His current project (with writer Cary Bates), SAURHEADS, is an original animated film property featuring dark humor with dinosaurs.

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